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Tyler Clark rides past cheering friends and other fans after winning the pro-class race at the 2022 Lords of Dirt during the Western Montana Fair. Clark and Mike Schroeder (checkered sleeves) committed to a full season of racing across the West in 2023. If you need to merge two active Shore Points® accounts, please reach out to with both the old and new phone numbers you need to merge as well as the approximate balance on each card.

mikes off road recovery

The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. That wildfire has killed 99 people, and authorities are still searching. And that is one source of the tension between rescuers and the wider community. Instead, he caught an ambulance to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane and waited overnight for surgery the next morning.

Watch now: Ryan Zahn rebuilds his own flat track racing motorcycles

He owns the most respected tow company in Utah, which has nearly 5 stars on Google reviews. She frequently posts about her off-road life, and she has almost 100K followers on her Instagram account. Lizzy Stout, who now goes by her married name of Lizzie Stout Ballard, is a powerhouse when it comes to mechanics.

  • From UCI World Championships to 24HR races, she proceeded to churn out high caliber results across many different disciplines of the sport.
  • Epic Rides is honored to Dedicate the 9th Annual Whiskey Off-Road to Joe Murray.
  • The Whiskey Off-Road event weekend has been designed so that all participants can arrive in town on Friday, park their car, and put away the keys until they are ready to depart Sunday afternoon.
  • Rider must present a government issued ID to receive a packet.

They concentrate on automobile towing and carrying, whether it is a short or long journey. They’re one of few companies that can do off-road recovery and tow. Lizzy is active on social media, mostly on Instagram and TikTok.

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Rope [WLL 5,700 – 9,000 lbs] [MBS: 28,600 lbs]

You may purchase Jersey Mike’s gift cards at your local store, online or select retail locations. Gift Cards purchased from sources other than Jersey Mike’s and participating authorized retailers may not be valid or may have less redeemable value than promised by an unauthorized seller. JMFS is not responsible for honoring invalid gift cards or values. Pua was a fixture in the mountain biking community thanks to her love of the sport and her remarkable success as a professional racer, as well as the kindness and selflessness she showed towards everyone she met. Pua was born and raised in Mililani, Oahu, Hawai’i and found her love for cycling after being a highly competitive soccer player and cross country runner.

  • Additionally, investigators say this involved moving the vehicle from Apple Valley to Washington County, though the claim says it originated in Las Vegas.
  • They have ASE Certified diesel mechanics on staff and can provide roadside assistance along Highway 26 and Highway 287 from Moran to Kinnear (Hwy 26) and Fort Washakie (Hwy 287).
  • Always comfortable when the speed picks up and the terrain gets gnarly, Sue now spends her time as an IMBA certified level II instructor, passionately teaching mountain bike skills to as many women as she can reach.

Why should adults get to have all the pedal-powered fun at the Whiskey Off-Road? The Shimano Kids’ Fun Ride features two different courses on Sunday morning, perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels. For many kids, mikes off road recovery this will be their first shot at the Whiskey, and most definitely not their last. This meeting is when Epic Rides briefs the group on important course & event updates/changes for the following day’s activities.

Recovery Gear

Towing and rescuing off road vehicles is a very unique niche or topic, which is one of the key factors why most of Matt’s videos are gaining more traffic. Moreover, the exciting adventures of a towing pro are something that can hook viewers’ attention. It’s something that you don’t usually see on YouTub, especially in the specific profession. You can also add the fact that most of the videos on Matt’s Off Road Recovery are fun, engaging, and well presented. You’ll definitely see that they know what they’re doing, and they are loving it.

  • The two went running together and played fetch, but neither dog nor owner could ignore the strain PTSD had placed on both of their lives.
  • The 16th Annual Whiskey Off-Road is dedicated to not one person, but a group of folks instrumental in making Prescott an international model for community development through trails – Over the Hill Gang (OTHG).
  • Lizzy is a technical advisor and mechanic in Matt’s Off Road Recovery.
  • DNF riders may receive 50% Off on the following year’s Whiskey Off-Road registration as a start-line redemption opportunity.
  • This is not based on category or gender, but based on distance.

And Clark’s Hooligan racing career exists in part because of Lords of Dirt. He won the 2021 and ‘22 pro-class races at the event, with Hansen right behind, after the two stayed up to the early morning hours on race day building the track out of the trampled rodeo grounds. “To me it was always more fun to beat some of those national riders when they showed up at the local races,” he said. Not all coupon offers are valid online, please check the offer details for it’s limitations. 4-6 Digit codes found at the bottom of coupons are only valid for in-store purchases.

Utah star of ‘Matt’s Off-Road Recovery’ on YouTube charged with insurance fraud

We experienced the best customer service at Bull’s towing that we have ever experienced from ANY industry, and that is saying a lot. Our car was totaled by a deer, and when the tow our insurance scheduled fell through Mike came out in the middle of the night to pick us up. During the 1970s, a time when bicycling was considered a novelty and bikes were only used for tooling around town, Joe was taking 200-mile bike trips and fixing up old Schwinns for downhill off-roading. Not built to endure the rough terrain and off-road abuse, the converted ballooners started falling apart, so Joe developed a mountain biking-specific frame. His first ten bikes, called Breezers, were the first all-new bikes built with rugged frames designed specifically for off-road riding.

Please note which number you would like to delete and which number you would like to retain. Courthouse Plaza is the heart of historic downtown Prescott and the venue for many of Prescott’s 60+ annual events including the free Summer Concert Series. The Whiskey Off-Road event weekend has been designed so that all participants can arrive in town on Friday, park their car, and put away the keys until they are ready to depart Sunday afternoon. Triple ShotTraining wheels are not allowed on the Triple Shot course. Triple Shot riders should be experienced on dirt paths, and short steep hills. The course is open to all users and is a two-way multi-path.

They have ASE Certified diesel mechanics on staff and can provide roadside assistance along Highway 26 and Highway 287 from Moran to Kinnear (Hwy 26) and Fort Washakie (Hwy 287). In terms of Matt Wetzel’s personal life, such as his family and relationship, there is not enough data available yet. However, on his recent Birthday surprise YouTube video, his crew, family, and friends set up a party off the road.

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